Kulturforum II

Dear friends! I am very happy to tell that at the evening of the Kulturforum we decided to continue wi
th the project of the quadrinhos collaborativos in Recife. In the next months I will search for funding to make a better programming of the Baukasten/Caixa de Construções, to make it more playful and exciting to work with it. Meanwhile we will discuss strategies about how we can reach people who would not particpate normally in a comic project, but who have interesting or important things to tell. The CCBA supports the project again with the invitation for other workshops – after the Copa and after the elections. If everything goes well, we will see us in 2015 in Recife! Thanks CCBA! And thanks to Cristiana Tejo and all the Ladies from ESPACIO FONTE to offer us the place for the workshops we already did in December and January!




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